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While experts estimate that as many as 1 in 3 LGBT people have been subjected to some form of conversion therapy, trauma from these experiences can make it difficult to come forward. Read about the courageous survivors who have, and find the support to use your own voice for good.

Born Perfect is rooted in NCLR’s vision of advancing public policy by empowering the people most affected by the issues to become the agents of change. We are working to raise awareness about conversion therapy and the havoc it wreaks in the lives of LGBT children by empowering survivors to speak out about their experiences.

Though as many as one in three LGBT people have been subjected to conversion therapy, whether by a licensed clinician, a religious leader, or another trusted adult, the trauma of these experiences can make it difficult to come forward. The work we are doing would not be possible without the involvement of the courageous individuals who do, and we are committed to maintaining a network of support and understanding to ensure the well-being of every person who is ready to speak out.

Deb Cuny

When you’ve been brought up in such a very strong religious community you know the rules and you know what is appropriate — what gets you love and acceptance. Then you also know what doesn’t. Read her story here.

Peter Cruz

I thought the priest was being supportive when he said, “We still love you. It’s not that we hate homosexuals, but we condemn the act.”. Read more.

Darren Arquero NCLR Butler Koshland Fellow

The two identities that I loved and embraced were on a collision course. Read more.

Mathew Shurka NCLR Born Perfect Strategist

“The Miseducation of Cameron Post” and “Boy Erased” are putting an important spotlight on conversion therapy: That spotlight is a step toward eradicating the harmful practice. Read more.

Amanda Loucks 

I attended an evangelical Christian college. I also happen to be gay. During college, my journey to try to reconcile my faith with my sexual orientation nearly cost me my life. While many told me conversion therapy would bring me closer to God, attempts to change my sexual orientation led to an eating disorder, and I became suicidal. Read more.

Darren Calhoun 

At age 17, I was manipulated into conversion therapy by a pastor. Here, I reflect on my path from confused teen to advocate for the hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ people in the United States who are subjected to the same treatment. Read more.

Survivor Network

Are you a survivor? Consider sharing your story and speaking out to protect others.

If you are a survivor of conversion therapy, consider sharing your story and speaking out to protect others. Your email to us will be confidential. We will not share anything you tell us without your permission. Even if you do not want to share your story publicly, hearing about your experience can help us learn more and protect others from being harmed by these damaging practices.

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