What You Can Do

Are you considering legislation in your state? Are you a survivor of these practices? Do you want to get involved with ending these dangerous practice once and for all? Find out what you can do to support the effort to end conversion therapy.

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  • State Legislators and LGBT Leaders
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State Legislators and LGBT Leaders

NCLR worked with Equality California in 2012 to draft and pass California’s Senate Bill 1172—the first law in the country protecting LGBT youth from so-called “conversion therapists” who try to change their sexual orientation or gender identity. In the following years, NCLR worked with legislators and equality groups like Garden State Equality and SMYAL to pass similar laws in New Jersey and Washington, D.C

NCLR is now working with legislators and LGBT leaders in dozens of other states to pass similar laws. If you are considering legislation in your state, please contact info@bornperfect.com.


A broad range of bipartisan supporters—including those representing mental health, faith, civil rights,  youth advocacy, and reproductive justice groups—have come out in favor of efforts to end conversion therapy. More than 100 leaders and organizations have signed onto the efforts so far. To add your name or organization, contact info@bornperfect.com.


If you are a survivor of conversion therapy, consider sharing your story and speaking out to protect others.  Your email to us will be confidential. We will not share anything you tell us without your permission. Even if you do not want to share your story publicly, hearing about your experience can help us learn more and protect others from being harmed by these damaging practices.

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