Fifty years ago, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) stopped classifying homosexuality as a mental illness. With the new documentary Cured, directors Patrick Sammon and Bennett Singer tell the story of the LGBTQ activists who struggled against unscientific prejudice and inertia at the APA to reclassify homosexuality. The film premieres this month.

Born Perfect is very proud to be partnering with this informative and poignant production.

The film’s first trailer debuted this week:

Cured will make its world premiere August 24 at a virtual edition of Outfest Los Angeles. A discussion will follow, with the directors as well as activists Don Kilhefner and Rev. Magora Kennedy, who appear in the film. Pose co-creator Steven Canals will moderate.

Born Perfect is the leading campaign to end conversion therapy. We are survivors, lawyers, and policy experts working together to protect LGBTQ+ people nationally and around the globe. Born Perfect is a program of National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR).

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