Conversion-Therapy Documentary Serves as Basis for FX Show ’81 Words’

Cured documentary
A scene from the documentary film Cured

The soon-to-be-released PBS conversion-therapy documentary Cured is already serving as a basis for a new TV miniseries.

“81 Words” on FX will tell the true story of gay activists Frank Kameny and Barbara Gittings, who risked their careers to organize with a clandestine group of closeted psychiatrists to challenge the American Psychiatric Association’s definition of homosexuality as a mental illness. The miniseries will be written and executive-produced by “Pose” co-creator Steven Canals. The miniseries will be based on Alix Spiegel’s “This American Life” episode, “81 Words,” as well as “Cured,” which was directed by Bennett Singer and Patrick Sammon. Spiegel, Singer, and Sammon will produce the program.

“Cured” documents the history of conversion therapy, focusing on how the traumatic failure of the practice prompted activists and psychiatrists to reconsider psychiatry’s scientifically unsupported stigmatization of homosexuality.

Born Perfect is enthusiastic and excited for the achievements of our partners in the “Cured” documentary.


Born Perfect is a survivor-led program created by the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) in 2014 to end conversion therapy by passing laws across the country that protect LGBTQ children and young people, fighting in courtrooms to ensure their safety, and raising awareness about the serious harms caused by these dangerous practices.

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